Dotout helm Kabrio Shiny Black 59-62

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DotOut helm Kabrio Shiny Black 59-62

Kabrio is the innovative, multipurpose, extremely lightweight helmet ( weight 198 g - size XS/M), with a compact, aerodynamic design and superb ventilation. Thanks to the way it adapts to fit all heads it's also ideal for women. Kabrio has multiple options of configuration and look, so it can match all your needs whatever the season (365 days a year), simply by adding the removable accessories: the HT Hard Top and the RCV Visor. The integration of the HT Hard Top in the Kabrio helmet increases aerodynamics and protection against rain and cold; the colour versions allow different combinations and mix'n'matching to create a personal look. The integration of the removable accessory RCV Visor in the Kabrio helmet ensures added protection from reflected sunlight and water droplets when raining.

Head circumference : XS/M 52-58 and L/XL 59-61

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